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[Testimonies of Ex-Christians] DisneyWorld is an eye-opener

By LiniasmaxMy family and I just returned from DisneyWorld. Oh Boy -
what a place! My girls loved it and my wife and I bought too much... on
credit!!! Oh well, you only live ONCE. And the cool thing is that
nothing bad happened to us on the trip!!! Wait a minute - I'm no longer
a believer... and I just went to Paganopolis... and dragged my
home-schooled children and doubting, yet devout wife along. We should
have broken down.... I drove over the speed limit the whole way, so we
should have gotten six tickets... but, wait there was one thing: We
were unfortunate enough to see a dead body lying on the side of the
road with two state troopers occupied with covering it and figuring out
what to do. And to think, in my old Christian state, just a year ago, I
may have seen that as God taking the attention of the officers, so I
wouldn't get a ticket... oh dear, I was ill back then!!! Christianity
made me feel delusionally important in the grand scheme of things.But
DisneyWorld made me feel like a small part of something incredibly big.
And it wasn't the long lines and the oft misnomered "fast pass." Nope-
it was the lovely folks from all over the world - folks that my old
religion would have had earmarked for eternal damnation - they were
lovely, different - and being fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, I was
able to eaves drop on quite a few of them - what fun... and what a
waste, if all those lovely upright primates that share the ability to
reason and think and wonder should, after it's all said and done, end
up in the fiery pit.Oh - dear me - what's that I hear? - a Christian
friend reading this and analyzing my "deconversion" stream of
consciousness has just figured out that I deconverted because I had
an "emotional" reaction to hell probably caused by someone in the faith
being mean to me so that I am not rejecting Christ, but that particular
meanie's representation - Better clarify...Born in 1964 from a teenage
rendezvous in a Dodge. Custody battles - kidnappings - but I felt loved
by lots of people .Everything sorted out by age 5.Dad's side of family
- lazy atheistMom's side - lazy Christian1974 - at age 10 I get a Bible
- King James - what the heck does this mean - can't read Shakespeare -
read Children's version insteadMiddle School (1975-1978) - KISS,
Aerosmith, Alice Cooper1980 - Dad gummitt - go to Charismatic church
and get scared by Rapture movie (still hasn't happened, by the way) -
walk the aisle1981-1982 - High School is too much fun, Van Halen
concerts are more fun that camp meetings, I'm backslidden and in
turmoil, but that Bud tastes just OK1984 - Discover romance languages
in college1985, 1986-87 - spend time in Brazil1987-89 - fake blond
mullet and drummer in college rock band1989 - get married, become
Lutheran and start to think about my faith1992 - start a PH. D. program
and fall in love with the somewhat sexy Postmodernist story (is that a
metanarrative I hear?) - become the McGrath style lazy atheist - it's
just sexier, ya know what I mean? and...1995 - birth of first child -
existential crisis - why do smart people believe? Read books from
Johnson, McDowell, others - become convinced that Christianity is the
way and go full force, baby: oh yeah - preached a sermon about being
an "atheist" beforehand, taught Awana, drummed for the church, taught
adult and student Sunday School - could battle an Arminian with finer
points of Warfieldesque Calvinism...1996 - Add Dr. as an official
title1998 - birth of second child - I'm still going strong - Y2K around
the corner, world chaos, destruction, malice, second coming - I can
hardly wait!!!2000 - nothing happens; become a postmillennialist on
good days and an amillennialist on bad days. Continue to grow
spiritually and intellectually - or so I figured...2007 - April - wake
up one day and start thinking - I don't know why - I was happily
chugging along - come on - 12 years of good Christian living - every
Christian student's hero, respected by all believers in my circle, Old
earth creationist, apologetic, stubborn, I have a Ph.D and you don't,
blah blah blah... It's like it was a 12 year "comfortably numb" state
and it just wasn't comfortable anymore - it seemed wrong and once I
read the God Hates Amputees site and just kept reading and reading and
reading everything in sight (I was taught to do that as a grad
student)... well you guys know the rest...My wife will be back any
moment from the grocery store - the Disney vacation ended yesterday -
I'm typing like a madman - I know what a lazy atheist is - they can be
converted just like McGrath and McDowell - but the one who is diligent
will never find reason to believe - I'm sorry, I don't buy it - it just
ain't rational - I'm happy and fulfilled and next week I will play
drums in a church, go to Sunday school and wonder how in the heaven I
will ever tell anyone besides my best friend and spouse what has
occurred...O well all the others are hypocrites, too - my wife just
drove up - someone please spell check this!!!Things were simpler at
DisneyWorld. Peace to all of you.To monitor comments posted to this
topic, use .
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